Curly Black Hairstyle with Twists from Kenya Young

This is an excellent example of contemporary black hairstyles for women. This look was created by Durham NC cosmetologist Kenya Young. Kenya is the owner of Young, Sassy & Unique Hair Salon which is one of the most prestigious and professional black hair salons in the area. A hairstyle can change a person’s appearance. It can give people a different feeling about their appearance. When a black woman changes her hairstyle, it can be a huge event. This can create a new confidence in her style and make her feel more like a woman. A woman needs to have a change in their life as well as their appearance. There are a variety of hairstyles for women to choose from than what there used to be. Many black women hairstyles can be creative and are a great change in how they usually wear their hair. This type of transition can be a relaxing pick me up from the normal style. The creative effects that a hairstyle can create is sexy and flirtatious. It can make women have a glow about them once they complete the transformation that involves hair. A change is something that should occur from time to time to keep the hair alive and looks beautiful.

Salon: Young Sassy & Unique
Stylist: Kenya Young
Model: Tiwanna
Make Up: Deirdre Clay


One of the most popular hairstyles that black women are wearing is called the curly black hairstyle with twists. This hairstyle is lovely and is screams romance and sexiness. It is a luscious look that every black woman should try. It is a style that can be great for date night or going out on the town. It will have your partner or significant other drooling from the beauty that comes with this style. It is not too difficult to maintain and is this style is a must-have for black women. It is not a look that anyone would want to pass up. The twist is a creative touch and is amazingly beautiful. This creation is not very hard to achieve. There are only a few simple steps that can be taken to achieve this lavishing hairstyle.

To achieve the curly black hairstyle with a twist for black women, it is not hard. This curly hairstyle can also be achieved with natural hairstyles. It can look great with women who have naturally curly hair or hair that is needed to be curled. Either way, it is worth the outcome of this curly twist style.

The first step is to shampoo the hair. Once the hair is rinsed thoroughly, the conditioner can be applied. When the hair and scalp are completely clean, let the hair dry. This style is all about the twist of the curls. For straight or wavy hair, a medium curl is needed. The curls should be applied to the entire hair from front to back. Leave the length of the hair approximately shoulder length. The curls can be made permanent with a curling solution or can be completed with a medium curling rod. This decision is up to you and either way, will work.

The curls can be left hanging down or can be pulled up for a beautiful appearance. No matter what way this hair is worn, it is going to draw attention in a positive way. People will be shocked at how well your new hair looks and how it was created. You can play around with it to try different styles. It is an amazing black hairstyle for women.

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