Elegant Curly Rod Set with Highlights from Wendy Perry

Salon: Young Sassy & Unique
Stylist: Wendy Perry
Model: Roxanna

To achieve curly hairstyles like this, you will need a curling rod set. They will have to be very small to get these type of curls. Start by putting the rods on your entire head and then sleep overnight with them in. This will make sure that your small curls will stay. 

Black hairstyles can be dull at times but if you add red highlights, you can really add spice to your hairstyle. If you have short hair, this curly hairstyle is perfect for you because it will give you a complete sassy look that other women would die for.

Wendy Perry, a professional hairstylist from Durham NC completed this hairstyle. You can see more of Wendy’s work here.


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