Curly Hairstyle For Long Gorgeous Ethnic Hair from Felicia Maine

Salon: 10 Gems Salon
Stylist: Felicia Maine
Model: Lashaun

Achieve black hairstyles that will look great for work, school, or a date. To attain a sophisticated look with your long hair make sure to have your curling wand on standby after a refreshing wash and dry.

The style shown in the pictures are for people seeking long hairstyles that require a minimum amount of time to achieve the hairstyle. A comb for parting, curling wand for definition, and oil sheen for moisturizing is all a stylist needs for this 30 minute black hairstyle.

Part your hair into small sections that can easily be wrapped around the curling wand. Release each curl after 30 seconds, and once the entire head is complete you will have one of the top curly hairstyles that will receive tons of compliments.

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