Curly Hairstyle Using Hair Extensions from Marcus Doss

Salon: Marcus Doss Salon
Stylist: Marcus Doss
Model: Jerritte

Women visit the Marcus Doss Salon in Fayetteville, NC all the time and request one of the glamorous curly hairstyles that they’ve seen a favorite celebrity rocking at a red carpet event. The fact is that this is one of those black hairstyles that will take you through all the seasons. It is a good look for casual wear and for those special events and holidays. Getting the look is super easy with a few human hair extensions. Check out this look that was created by Marcus Doss for a bit of inspiration. Of course, you could visit the Marcus Doss Salon and request this fabulous look.

Achieving Curly Hairstyle Look
This is a great look for any woman with a head full of long natural curls. However, even the girls with natural curls would prefer to wear human hair extensions because the extensions give the hair a rest and black hairstyles with hair extensions last much longer. First, it is important to ask your hair salon to provide you with high quality human hair extensions in a color that matches your hair or you could purchase the extensions at a local beauty shop or online. Gather together all the hair styling tools and accessories that are required to get this hot look. Gather together hair clips, combs, hair spray, hair moisturizer, and the hair extensions.

Make sure that the hair is freshly shampooed and conditioned to keep it healthy. Add a bit of hair moisturizer to the hair. Blow dry the hair. Next, pull the hair back and clip it on top of the head. All that is required is several extensions to complete the look. Take a comb and part the hair in the back about two inches above the neckline. Take a weft hair extension and clip in from ear to ear. Comb some of your hair over the extension. Clip in another extension and cover with your own natural hair. Continue to the top of the head with the clip in extensions. Take your time and blend in well with your own hair. Once you get to the top of your head, take some of your own hair and pull it back over the hair extensions. Make sure you leave sufficient hair on top to cover the extensions clips and blend in with the hair extensions. Give the hair a light spray with hair sheen, if desired.

Like this look? This style was created by Marcus Doss from Marcus Doss Salon in Fayetteville, NC. Phone number (910) 483-3870 for more information.


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