Curly Ombre Black Hairstyle with Braid from Tracey Graham

Salon: Flawless Visions
Stylist: Tracy Graham
Model: Cherise
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Styling hair has become an art form in itself. Hair stylists are becoming more and more artistic, and as a result of their continuously growing talent,coiffures of unimaginable shapes, sizes, and colours are created. It is commonly believed that those with naturally darker skin tones are limited in the types of acceptable hairstyles that would look good on them, however this is entirely false.

Tracy Graham is an expert when it comes to creating the sleekest of black hairstyles. From ombres to updo’s, she realizes that the best hairstyles take skin tone into consideration when deciding upon the shades and colours.

Tracy styled this model’s hair into a sophisticated updo, perfect for the office or a night on the town. This elegant style features bold, golden brown Ombré highlights and bouncy barrel curls created with a curling wand. A inverted, horizontal braid lays across the back and blends perfectly into the cascading curls on the side.

First and foremost, the stylist made sure to select a dye tone that did not clash heavily with the woman’s natural hair colour and her skin tone. The gradient fade is applied with perfection, with the heaviest of colours located where the hair curls and cascades. It results in a look that is both moderate, yet still eye-catching.

Tracy is a master cosmetologist located at Flawless visions Hair Salon located at 218 N. McPherson Church Rd. Fayetteville, Nc 28303. Give her a call at (910) 261-6499.

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