Curly Rod Set Black Hairstyle by Pamela Webster

Salon: Greg’s Professional Barber & Beauty Salon
Stylist: Pamela Webster
Model: Brianna
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

This style should not only be considered for women but can be worn as teen hairstyles too. This style is easy to wear and easy to do. The curly look can be best achieved by using large rods under the hair dryer. The hair should be evenly parted in thin sections all over the head and set with good setting lotion. Once the hair is fully dried, the curls should not be combed at all. They should slightly be opened a little to achieve this non frizzy curly look. Long lasting black hairstyles for women are becoming more and more hassle-free.

if you would like to receive this hairstyle or to simply experience the difference a professional cosmetologist like Pamela Webster can do for the health and artistic style of your hair, you can stop by her hair salon Greg’s Professional Barber & Beauty Salon, located at 1917 Duval Street in Mobile Alabama. You can also give Pamela a call at (257) 473-9575.

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