Custom Color on a Short Natural Hairstyle from Earlisia Torrence

There are so many aspects of this custom color on a short natural hairstyle with tapered sides that any fashionista would love. The look features a custom color technique over the model’s natural hair. It is finished with a rod set to form the curls that were pulled apart by the hair stylist also. This hairstyle was created by Earlisia Torrence, a professional cosmetologist from Elegant Tresses Hair Salon in Winston-Salem, NC.

Salon: Elegant Tresses
Stylist: Earlisia Torrence
Model: Mercy
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Custom Color Technique

To achieve the hair color featured in these images, the hair stylist created a “custom blend”, hair color recipe, designed just for this model’s hairstyle also. This custom color technique uses reds, coppers, and flakes of gold around the curls to add definition as a result. The color choices in this short hairstyle create a level of sophistication. It is carried through the rest of the style through the precision haircut and the rod set curl pattern.

Short Natural Hairstyle

This custom color on a short natural hairstyle makes a bold statement with its barber cut sides. The funky rod set curls, and the awesome custom color technique. Finally, the most interesting aspect is that the look is created on the model’s natural hair which means she can rock a beautiful new look without the use of damaging chemicals. This hairstyle will look good for weeks with proper maintenance, just use a daily moisturizer and wrap the hair every night with a silk scarf.

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Introducing Earlisia Torrence from Elegant Tresses in Winston-Salem, NC

Earlisia Torrence is a professional hair stylist. Hair publications across the globe feature Earlisia’s work Earlisia has a large clientele and her services are always in high demand. She is respected for her industry knowledge, her salon atmosphere and her professionalism. Earlisia is located at Elegant Tresses Hair Salon, 4932 Martin View Lane, Winston-Salem, NC. You can also give Earlisia a call at (336) 725-6641 and let her create your next awesome hairstyle.

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