Cute Fiery Short Black Hairstyle from Kenya Young

Short hairstyles can be a fan favorite for black women. You can get the cute short black hairstyles that seem to go with every look. And one of those looks is yours. This one is red hot. It is slick on the sides and full bodied on the top.

Curls Make This Cute Short Black Hairstyle

Salon: Young, Sassy & Unique Hair Salon
Stylist: Kenya Young
Model: Keisha
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

The curls on the top give a lot of volume. You will look as though you got a mini face lift. It can be enjoyable to have that much va va voom. Your colleagues might be wondering if you got a procedure done. You might even fool your partner.

But all you will really need to look younger is to go get this doo. You can rock the short sides which shows a lot of confidence in yourself. Pair this look with big earrings like the model in order to get noticed. And of course, you can show off your killer smile.

Introducing Kenya Young from Young, Sassy & Unique

If you’ve already decided that you need a look just identical to this one, then you should book in with the creator of the look. This stylist is Kenya Young, and she is at Young, Sassy & Unique in Durham, NC. The salon’s phone number (919) 444-9089. You will want to specify what you want when you book in because the dye job might take two appointments.

Good hair is worth the maintenance you put into it. And this cut will look fabulous when it’s done. The only question you will have to ask yourself is why you didn’t get the look sooner.

You should enjoy your hair and enjoy your life a little more. That’s why you need to come to Kenya and get her to fix you up. You will be the talk of the town, if you live in one. And whatever your community or village, it’s always nice to get a few stares and compliments.

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