Cute Kid’s Hairstyle with Braided Head Band from All About You Hair Designs

Model: TAMIA T


Kids hairstyles expert Amber Schoen of Arizona has been published in Sophisticate’s black hairstyles magazine and specializes in children and tween hairstyles. Tamia’s adorable little-girly braid is pretty enough to wear to church on Sunday but simple enough to wear to school. The hair has been ironed straight and is divided in half, over the top from ear to ear. The front section, except for a full bang, has been braided in a dutch style braid with a lime-green ribbon woven right into the braid. Where the braid ends, the ribbon is twisted, almost like a flower in her hair. In the back, Tamia’s hair is straight, with the ends bumped under. A full bangs section in the front is also straight and bumped under. 


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