Statesville, NC Hairstylist Deanna Burton

John O’Brien
435 South Center Street
Statesville, NC 28677
Phone: (704)450-2919

When it comes to black hair and black hairstyles, it is never recommended to go to a regular hairstylist in Statesville. There are a lot of black hair salons in Charlotte NC but not all Charlotte hair salons understand black hair the way Deanna Burton does. 

• Natural Hair Styles – Curly and black hair can be beautiful if it is styled properly. In order to go natural, it is important to ensure that frizz is kept away from curly black hair and curls have good definition. They should be moisturized enough so that the natural curl pattern shows but they should not be weighed down by products. Deanna Burton does this better than the best hair stylists in all black hair salons in Charlotte NC. 

• Colored Hair Styles – Color treated hair, especially for curly hair, can be disastrous if it goes wrong. You do not want your curls to disappear in a ball of frizz and look damaged because of wrong products. This is why Deanna Burton is so great because she has studied all the curly haired products and color brands, often personally, and knows what works best for black hairstyles. Her command over the right colors for the right complexion is also great. Moreover, her colored hairstyles are perfect for both work and a fun evening with friends. 

• Expert Knowledge About How To Maintain Black Hair – Deanna Burton known subtle differences in curly hair. She knows that no two curly haired beauties have the same head of hair and that curl patterns are often mixed in most people. This is why she treats every ringlet of curl on your hair as if it were unique. Different products go for different curl patterns and Deanne knows how to work the magic to bring the best out of your curls for a special occasion. 

• Expert Hair and Management – Even if you are tired of your look and want to go for something new, Deanna will offer you expert advice and guidance. She will go through various short, medium and long hairstyles for both curly and straight hair with you until you are satisfied with your look. 

Ultimately, Deanna is a lover of hair and she wants her Statesville clients to be satisfied with the results. In all Charlotte hair salons, Deanne is the right choice because loves clients who ask questions about hair management and styling, and is always willing to dole out expert tips to ensure that your hair is the best in the room. 



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