Deirdre Clay’s “Water Wave” Long Hairstyle with Hair Color and Curls

Salon: Wave Links Hair Studio Inc.
Stylist: Deirdre Clay
Model: Sharitta

These beautiful curly hairstyles are perfect for a night on the town. It gives you just the right amount of sass and will have everyone turning their heads to look at you. These black hairstyles mixed with highlights gives you definition especially in long hairstyles. Here are some tips on how to achieve this look.

In order to get this color, you will have to first dye your hair black and then add some highlights on top, focusing on the bangs. To achieve this type of curly hairstyle, you will need a thin curling iron. A thick curling iron will not work. Separate your hair into 1 inch think pieces and twist each piece onto the curling iron. Leave each piece on for 30 seconds depending on how well your hair curls. Do this repeatedly to achieve this amazing hairstyle!

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