Deirdre (Dee) Clay, “The” Fayetteville NC Hair Stylist

DEIRDRE-CLAY092408Deirdre (Dee) Clay, known as THE Fayetteville Hair Stylist , is a famous hair stylist whose artistic career started way back in the early eighties, and whose techniques have been emulated in hair salons all over the world, particularly for her black hair styles. She graduated in February, 1984, from Sir Walter’s Beauty Academy in Fayetteville NC. The educator believes that “Each one must reach one and teach one”. In saying this, Dee shows that she maintains a level of professionalism and encourages upcoming and current cosmetologists to follow in her footsteps. She is recognized as a colour specialist, for her work in makeup artistry, and cosmetology. Dee had been a Dudley Product International Educator since the early nineties. While there, she assisted in creating the Master Cutting Program for the school’s Kernsville, NC location. During her stay with Dudley, she also rose to the level of being one of the four members of the Artist Design Team.

Dee believes in continued education as the sole way of upholding professionalism. This is how she has been able to advance in stylistic skills by taking specialised classes from various colleges, such as Dudley Cosmetology University, Matrix Colour Class, Toni & Guy Hair Cutting Academy, Vidal Sasson, and Paul Mitchell. Her studies have included classes in hair salons management, haircutting, platform artistry, hair addition, and make up artistry. On May 1st, 1996, she graduated from Dudley Cosmetology University with a degree in Cosmetology.

Deirdre has accrued over 25 years of experience in the field of Cosmetology and 12 years as an instructor. Dee’s accomplishments have been exhibited in many of the Dudley training videos. She has also been featured in various magazines, including Universal Salons Hair Styles, Sophisticate’s Black Hair Styles, Black Hair Styles and Trends, Black Hair Style, and many more. In the year 2001, Dee was honored as the Top Educator of North Carolina by the state’s Beauticians and Cosmetologist Association.

She has achieved more than can be easily listed in the art. Her modest work has been published in major color magazines. For instance, Modern Salon published her article on “How to Keep Relaxed and Colour Treated Hair Healthy” in their regular monthly edition. The stylist has ventured into business as a way practising the acquired skills in different hair styles and is the owner of Wave Links Hair Studio Inc. in Fayetteville NC.

Dee has worked to provide opportunities for advanced training to many hairstyling and makeup professionals throughout the United States, Australia, Korea, the French Carribean, and many other countries as well. She is honored to be on the National Education Team for Influance, a new but promising hair care company, and is also now working on Universal Salon’s Hair Styling book as a Master Make Up Artist.

Deirdre “Dee” Clay is truly the queen Fayetteville hair stylist .

If you would like to contact Dee. her information follows…

Phone: (910) 864-8777

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