Denise Cummings’ Short Auburn Feathers Haircut and Style

Salon: Signature Styles By Denise
Stylist: Denise Cummings
Model: Cheryl
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Some of the most unique aspects of modern black hairstyles are the attention paid to changing the look with every visible angle. This exceptionally difficult example of black short hairstyles requires careful clipper work, chemical or foil layering, and detailed portion color application. Throughout the creation of this style, like other multilayer black hairstyles, always notice the innate direction of hair growth. This will help in deciding which side to highlight, and which side to tease via other short hairstyles techniques. Always start with the big job of adding color to the full-bodied hemisphere of hair. Reds, silver and blue work best with this type of short cut that is meant to work naturally with “the points” of prominent facial features. Once the cap is finished, feel free to “buzz the short side with clippers, leaving enough to meld with the other side. The back portion is really a zone where creativity can take hold. Iron it, steam it, crimp it whatever, as long as it gives the overall style a lift beyond the volume of normal short styles.

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