Fayetteville, NC Cosmetologist Denise Granberry

L3 Salon
401 N. Lillington Hwy 210
Spring Lake, NC 28390
Phone: (832) 660-7975

Denise Granberry
Denise Granberry

Vickie Denise Granberry has been actively involved in the beauty industry as a professional Cosmetologist for the 12 years. From a young age she knew hair was not just an accessory, but that great hair is the key to feeling beautiful inside and out. Mastering skills in cutting and hair extensions her professional mantra is “Hair is an art, my art!” She uses hair as a canvas to bring a distinctive fresh approach to draw out each client’s unique beauty. Her passion for transforming someone from start to finish is a process she loves. Her passion has landed her work as a featured stylist in National Top Hair/Styling magazines like Black Sophisticates Hair, Strands & Universal Salons.

In addition, Ms. Granberry has traveled extensively for 3 years working as a platform artist and educator for her own hairline; training many salons on how to reinvent themselves to grow by selling hair extensions. She loves hair and feels extremely blessed to have found a career that resonates so perfectly with her life as a stylist and exotic weave hair distribution. During this time she has made the important connection of having product knowledge & superior customer service for building sustaining relationships. With the evolution of various products to meet the needs of customers it is extremely important to be able to relay how they can benefit the individual in need.

Staying on top of beauty trends and having sales experience as an exotic weave hair distributor, entering the industry as a retailer of beauty products was a natural transition. It is her personal goal to continue to grow and excel in her craft and to expand her knowledge base as a successful beauty supply store owner. Wanting to educate herself more on the operation side of the retailing business Ms. Granberry attended The Beauty Supply Entrepreneurship Conference in Atlanta, GA on August 4, 2012. The conference offered six classes on various topics to meet the needs of current and prospective owners with real-time information.

Ms. Granberry believes in honesty, great customer service, hard work and creativity all function together in order to operate a successful business.


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  1. Good morning Mrs Granberry,I was looking for a stylist who can sew weave in my hair I see your address is Springlake, If so can I call you today I was looking to get my hair did with human hair my color I love is honey blonde Please contact me I wanted to get it done by Thursday. Thank You My invitation to you to visit us Facebook each Saturday morning at 9:30 we worship on Saturday because we keep the Sabbath as it was written by God it’s the fourth commandment Mrs Cranberry anytime also we are located 2996 Rosehill Road Fayettille NC Scriptures are Genesis 2:2,3, Luke 4:16,


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