DeVonya Nightingale’s Classic ” Page Boy” Short Hairstyle

Salon: Auliah Salon & Spa
Hair Stylist: DeVonya Nightingale
Model: DeVonya

Time for a hair makeover. Check that long hair at the door and try one of the popular short hairstyles. Bring life to a dull look with a few hair highlights in the right place. Spray in color highlights or add hair color extensions. 

Start by making sure hair is clean. Comb hair backwards. You are going to flat iron hair. Smooth thermal protection creme on hair. Curl the top of the hair with a thermal curling iron. Use small styling comb to lift sections of hair and curl tightly. Do not disturb the curls. Let them cool. 

Keep working backwards until the head is filled with curls. Style the hair with styling comb. Smooth the sides and back of the head with a brush until it is silky smooth against the head.

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