Elegant Extensions Hair Salon

elegant extensionsElegant Extensions Hair Salons specialize in creating a multitude of hair styles. Especially black hair styles. You can choose from short black hair styles to long flowing beautiful locks. Elegant Extensions Hair Salon has highly qualified hair stylists to accomodate you in creating the hair styles you love. Our hair salons want our clients to leave with a sense of satisfaction and know that we provide excellent service. Black hair styles or hair styles in general require talent such as the talent that is found at Elegant Extensions Hair Salon. We want you to walk out with a smile on your face from ear to ear.┬áMany black hair styles require skill and that’s what we have skill. You can even choose from a variety of color, different hair textures and extensions. We provide unique yet beautiful black hair styles such as the ones seen on our website. We love what we do with all the hair styles we create. We take pride in our work and you are our first priority once you walk through our doors. Many hair salons have a way of making you feel at home and we are one of those hair salons. Visit our website today, we will provide all your hairstyle needs. We have hair styles for days. You will walk out feeling new and in charge with your brand new look. Visit our hair salons today!

To contact the fabulous cosmetologist at Elegant Extensions Hair Salon …

AGUSTA , GA 30904
Phone: (706) 394-8462

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