Emerald Green Hair Color on Natural Hair from Diane Hooks

There comes a time in every fashionista’s life when they decide to make a bold statement with their hair. When this happens, fashion-conscious individuals are going to want to make a big move that will guarantee they remain a focal point of any room they walk in to. They’re also going to ensure that whatever hairstyle choice they make, there is a meaning to it that will express their true essence. Diane Hooks from Veronica’s Hair Studio in Spring Lake, NC created this beautiful emerald green hair color on natural hair.

Stylist: Diane Hooks
Salon: Veronica’s Hair Studio
Model: Shonda
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Emerald Green Hair Color on Natural Hair

Emerald green is the color for prosperity and growth. The color represents opulence. Along with the color’s meaning, there is an undeniable fact that an emerald green hair color is going to be an attention-getter. Added to the exceptional hair color is the fact that it was applied to the model’s natural hair. Done correctly, this emerald green hair color on natural hair will look great without harming her natural hair.

One of the most important aspects of this emerald green hair color on natural hair is the need for a professional hairstylist like Diane to ensure the hair color is correctly applied. Hair color can be very tricky. A specific hair color with meaning increases the need for the end result of the color application to precise. Hunter green and emerald green are very different colors, yet you could easily get one when you want the other if your color application process is not on point.

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Diane Hooks from Veronica’s Hair Studio used her professional knowledge and technical skill to ensure that she would achieve the exact hue of emerald green that she was looking for. Diane is also a healthy hair care specialist. As she devised the color application process for her client, she took into account the safety concerns that arise when applying permanent hair color on a model’s natural curl pattern. The end result is a stunning emerald green hairstyle that features loose curls throughout.

Your At-Home Maintenance Routine

Achieving a look this awesome with hair color this vibrant may make you nervous about an at-home maintenance routine. After all, you don’t want to get the perfect look at the hair salon, only to lose it days later because of some hair care mistake at home.  Diane Hooks from Veronica’s Hair Studio in Spring Lake, NC took her model’s at-home maintenance needs into account when she designed this look. Diane made a bold, daring look and she made it easy to take care of. She recommends her model use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis. Diane also suggests using a daily moisturizer and wrapping their hair at night with a silk or satin bonnet.

Introducing Diane Hooks from Veronica’s Hair Studio in Spring Lake, NC

Diane Hooks is a nationally published hairstylist located at Veronica’s Hair Studio, 401 NC-210 in Spring Lake, NC. Diane is a hair color specialist as well as a healthy hair care expert. When you’re ready to create your “bold statement” hairstyle, give Diane Hooks a call at (910) 229-2745.



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