Erma Stephen’s “Fierce Fro” Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Salon: Head’s Above Hair Salon
Stylist: Erma Stephens
Model: Kyla

This is one of the best curly hairstyles around. It features a classic look that is fantastic for black hairstyles. This hair style can be achieved by having a person’s hair permed in order to make it larger, or it can be achieved for persons who have natural curly hair. This hairstyle is the right size to show off a person’s face, but is also large enough to achieve a good afro look. The sides of this hairstyle hang down in a very stylized fashion on the sides in order to better frame the wear’s face.

2 thoughts on “Erma Stephen’s “Fierce Fro” Hairstyles for Natural Hair”

  1. I met a client of yours today Kim and I love her hair cut she gave me your number I will be in touch I have naturally curly hair with color on it and I am ready for a cool change


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