Felicia Maine’s “Curl Madness” Curly Hairstyle with Highlights

Salon: 10 Gems Salon
Stylist: Felicia Maine
Model: Felicia

This style is one of the most sophisticated black hairstyles, yet easy to do. Red highlights add dimension creating one of the more alluring curly hairstyles. 

Step 1: Grab a half inch section of relaxed hair, wrapping it around a medium barrel heated curling iron. 

Step 2: Hold hair until warm, then release. Coil hair around finger toward the scalp. 

Step 3: Use bobby pins to hold the curl at the root. Continue until all hair is pinned. 

Step 4: After hair has dried, remove pins, release curls. For a softer look, brush out curls. 

Finish with touchable hold hairspray. 

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