Five Charlotte NC Area Hair Salons Release Their Summer Collections for 2014

The new season is here and it’s high time you gave yourself a makeover by getting a brand new hairstyle. Before you choose from a variety of black hairstyles, short hairstyles, long hairstyles and other hairstyles available in Charlotte NC, you should know how best to choose your hairstyle. Various factors come into play before you choose a hairstyle, such as face shape, hair type, forehead et al. The following are some points which you should know about the latest hairstyles to watch out for in Summer, 2014 – 

• Black Hairstyles – Women with black hair might feel boring or bland at times. The best black hairstyles, if you are in a mood to be a little experimental and bold, are the ones like what Edmesia has done. The half colored bob with a side fringe gives her a fresh look that is perfect to turn heads. She has gone for a lighter shade on the side with the lesser part and blonde at the back, blending quite well together. 

• Short Hairstyles – With short hair, you have the benefit of experimenting a lot. This is mainly because short hairstyles tend to be funkier with focus on styling. The hairstyle exhibited by Angel is a good one. The curls frame the face and the gelled up bangs hide the forehead, giving the gorgeous cheekbones the focus of attention. The stray curls have been styled pretty well to last through an entire evening. 

• Long Hairstyles – With long hair comes the benefit of applying almost any hairstyle and succeeding. Long hairstyles are best demonstrated by Sunshine with her flaming orange hair and the tight perfect curls at the ends. The sleek haired look is in for the summer and adding some curls never goes wrong with long hair. Courtney, on the other hand, is sporting a classic hairstyle which has been the savior of long haired women for many a years. The wavy side bangs and the soft curls look perfect for a formal evening or a night out. Ashley has slightly frizz prone hair tamed by gel which look good with the center parted shoulder length hairstyle with flowing curls. 

You can also check out the hairstyles of Cyreta, Devonva, Maria and Rashonda exhibit how the natural texture and length of the hair can be used by salons in Charlotte NC for creating a look that is both trendy and cool. 

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  1. Devonya has literally given me a sense of self-worth, hope, and a piece of mind. She is totally a gift from God!


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