Flaming Desire Short Hairstyle with Spikes from ShaTrenia Heiskell

When you need a short hairstyle, this do will certainly do the trick. It is more than an amazing style, it is truly an extraordinary example of short hairstyles for black women. You will get so much volume at the top of the head, and an ultra-feminine style.

Salon: Tre’nia’s Royal Palace @ The Jones Experience
Stylist: ShaTrenia Heiskell
Model: Vivian
Make Up: Crystal Dickson

Beautiful Spiked Haircut

If you love your hair looking better than anyone else’s, this is the perfect cut. You will be the absolute belle of the ball at work or at a function. What could be better than a cut where you have finger waves on the side of your head rather than short spikes? And it gets better- the entire back of your head will be a cataclysm of finger wave curls. It truly is a feat to look this good. The top is a combo of spikes and curls. What could be easier in the morning? Also, think what a creative art piece that your hair will present every morning? You know that you will be getting those compliments so prepare to blush a little all-day long.

Your face will be elongated in this cut. The hair has maximum length on top to really give a good look to the entire head. You can wear long earrings or diamond studs with this cut.

Introducing ShaTrenia Heiskell

If you are ready for this cut, then visit ShaTrenia Heiskell. She is at the Tre’nia’s Royal Palace at The Jones Experience in Dallas, TX. Any of the stylists there could also help you out with this cut. Just call (469) 556-7660 to reach the reception.

So, if you love red and black hair that give dimension and the ultimate natural looking art piece, you must get this cut. Just book in today and walk out looking like a goddess. This is an absolute must try for anyone who wants to get short hair that really makes a beautiful statement.

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  1. You know, you are bad and God order your hands. When I go back to cutting my hair you are the one. Love my girl and what she do. #noonelikeyou.


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