Fun Blonde Curly Hairstyle for Black Women from Ursula Kershaw

Bold and beautiful is the only appropriate way to describe this big blonde curly hairstyle for black women made by Ursula Kershaw of The Studio Hair Salon in North Charleston, SC. Feast your eyes on a beautiful blonde look that oozes fun and confidence also. They say blondes have more fun, and this doo looks like tons of it! 

Salon: The Studio
Stylist: Ursula Kershaw
Model: Niki
Makeup: Tierra Nichole

Blonde Curly Hairstyle for Black Women

This is a wild style for a bold lady, therefore this style is not for the faint of heart! Some will call it the bedroom hair look, it is a natural crimped style that has a surprise. The surprise is that these crimps and spirals are commercial hair. That’s right, this is a sew in. Ursula has installed hair to look natural and be a cute low maintenance look for women on the go as a result. These honey blonde crimps give a confidence to any beautiful lady that rocks it. The style is left to frame the face elegantly. This blonde curly hairstyle for black women can be for a hot date or a quick run to the store and can be used for the everyday activities in between. The good thing about weaves are that you can also change the hair color. Tailor this style for you!

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Introducing Ursula Kershaw from The Studio

The Studio is a upscale salon located in Orangeburg South Carolina, that aims to give your hair life and you excellent customer service each and every visit. The Studio is a multi service salon that has a staff of passionate professionals. The studio offers a friendly atmosphere while your transformation takes place. Many in the Orangeburg area are eager to have their hair graced with the hands of Ursula, so it is advised that you book in advance. You can book your appointment or consultation online at the easy to use or call the salon through number 843-767-7402. Being big and bold is for the confident. Let your Ursula boost your swag and make you brag!

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