“Fusion Wave” Short Curly Haircut from Natasha Johnson

Salon: 10 Gems Salon
Stylist: Natasha Johnson
Model: Jennifer

This model is proudly wearing her short sassy haircut with confidence. Apply permanent hair color to the hair after shampooing and conditioning it. A medium brown permanent hair color covers seventy-five percent of the hair, and twenty-five percent of the hair is colored with a rose-red color. Both colors compliment each other, her hair style, and beautiful skin tone. Black hairstyles with short haircuts are achieved with a blunt haircut. Cutting the hair all around, and leaving a longer length on the left or right front side adds the “sassy” dimension. Adding weave on either side achieves this style too. To achieve the neat, but sassy look, curl the hair with a flat-iron, and feather the hair in the back. Curl the hair with a loose curl at the crown and on both sides.

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