Ghana Braids Hairstyle with a Quickweave Ponytail from Ayana Kone’

When you’re ready to try your hand at a long, flowing, afro-centric hairstyle, this Ghana braids hairstyle with a quickweave ponytail is the answer. This look features elegant Ghana braids in the front with a long quickweave ponytail with a deep wave pattern in the back. The hairstyle is connected using a pre-braided piece at the base of the ponytail, therefore the hairstyle has a clean look. This look is great for the office or a night on the town and with proper maintenance, it should last for two weeks or more.

Salon: Chic Hair Braiding
Stylist: Ayana Kone’
Model: Fraeyja
Make Up: Queen Combs

Ghana Braids

Ghana braids are a feeder braids hairstyle technique that ensure that will not see a knot in the front of the cornrow. This adds a polish to the front of the hairstyle while also taking the client back to her African roots.

Quickweave Ponytail

This is a completely synthetic hairstyle so it’s important to have your look created by a professional cosmetologist so that you will end up with the finished product you desire. This particular black hairstyle utilizes the extensions to create a long flowing ponytail with a deep wave pattern also. As the saying goes, long hair don’t care, and this hairstyle definitely gives the client some options.

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Introducing Ayana Kone’ from Chic Hair Braiding in Greensboro, NC

This long ponytail hairstyle with Ghana braids in the front was created by Greensboro, NC hair stylist Ayana Kone’. Ayana is the owner of Chic Hair Braiding, located at 611 Summit Ave. Ayana is a nationally published hair stylist whose work is well known for its trend setting style.  Ayana’s artistic eye and her attention to detail creates beautiful that her clients can’t get enough of. Ayana creates beautiful braids and cornrow hairstyles, professionally done in a relaxing atmosphere. Give Ayana Kone’ from Chic Hair Braiding a call at (336) 375-4697.

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