Haley Qubti’s Beach Bombshell Long Curly Hairstyle

Salon: Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology / Greenville, SC
Stylist: Haley Qubti
Model: Kayla
Make Up: Maranda Williams

This example of an exceptionally versatile long hairstyles option is one of freedom for both the client and the stylist. With minimal shaping and end cutting, a medium heat can be applied to create lock-length loose curls that have intricate, yet individual characteristics. This style is an exercise in curl creativity and individualism. Dark-to-light, root-to-end highlights should be established before curling and final shaping touches. This is the perfect low-stress style for dark and light-skinned women wanting some pizazz for a formal, or a professional photo shoot. The secret for achieving this style is to identify the natural thick contours of the hair and make them gently twist.

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