Halo Braid Black Hairstyle from Janee Hunter

Halo braid black hair let you know where the angels are on earth! Janee Hunter has created a halo braid that the heavenly hosts would rock. Varying colors through out the style earns and keeps our excitement,also the ponytail adds flair. This is not your everyday pony tail. All these elements make for a divinely glamourous look.

Salon: Upscale Hair Salon
Stylist: Janee Hunter
Model: Dana
Make Up: Tierra Nichole

Halo Braid Black Hairstyle

Most braid and pony tails have been done many many times over, so you may not get excited with  halo braid black hair until you have seen Janeeā€™s creative twist. As a seasoned cosmetologist Janee is not afraid of contrasting colors. Bold halo braids are added around the hair line, finished up by a sleek ponytail. The blonde hair addition is added for texture and fullness of the braid, not to mention the sheer style! With a cute knot leading into the pony tail, the transition to blonde wavy pony is effortless. If you thought that the uniqueness stopped here, then you were wrong. Janee finishes up with a color ombre to a copper brown.

Introducing Janee Hunter from Upscale Hair Salon Boutique

Upscale Hair Salon located in the wonderful city of Savannah Georgia is the home of cosmetologist Janee Hunter. Upscale is a multi service salon, therefore you are sure to get fully taken care of. An atmosphere of family environments and professionals will give you a quality experience throughout your visit. Walk-ins are welcome but to be mindful of your time, an appointment is preferred. Janee has many years of experience coupled with her natural skills and creative ability. This doo can be tweaked to meet your unique desires such as changing the color of the commercial hair, or even the braids in the front. Tailor this look to fit you with the heavenly hands of Janee. To schedule your appointment, contact Janee Hunter through the salon number 912-232-5206, also via universalsalons.com website. Enjoy this low maintenance and hot style from Janee Hunter.

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