Helania Fort’s Classic Natural Glam Hairstyle

Salon: Glamrus Hair Studio @ Master Salons
Stylist: Helania Fort
Model: Sydney

Layered looks are very popular black hairstyles and are a perfect complement to short haircuts for women. The curls on top and slick business on the bottom in many black hairstyles are particularly popular for their retro appeal. Like many short haircuts for women, curly hairstyles can be no muss no fuss but appear to require extravagant care. In fact some curly hairstyles like this one really only take a few moments to set up. The hair must be loosely permed or relaxed first, if it is too straight a curling iron will be needed to get those big looping curls on top. Once that is done, simply come and gel or cream the sides and back upwards and fasten with clips. Allow the curls to fall over the clips, leaving the top fun and unkempt with those big swooping curls and the sides and back slicked.

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