Help Us Choose the People’s Choice Hairstyle from Our Gallery

Help Us Choose the People’s Choice Hairstyle from Our Gallery

UniversalSalons.Com is honored to be a world’s leader in hairstyles images from some of the top professional hair salons in the United States. Recently we produced a hair stylists photo shot in Charleston, SC. The purpose of this photo shoot was to create high quality hairstyle images for the largest hair publications in the US. Images from past photoshoots have graced the pages of hairstyle magazines like Hype Hair, Sophisticate’s Black Hair Styles and Care Guide, Blacktress, Short Hair, and Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide for many years.

Just this month, hairstylists from one of our Phoenix, AZ photo shoot were featured for the 10th time in one of many national publications. These photos were taken back in 1999 and have been featured in different magazines and websites to this day. That’s the power of a UniversalSalons.Com photoshoot.

Hairstyles Featured in Nation Publications from Charleston Area Hair Salons

Cosmetologists from our Charleston, SC photo shoots have been published in national publications for many years. Ursula Kershaw. Lacey Singleton, Steven Michael and Carla Harris are veteran hair stylist whose artwork set the trends for many of the hairstyle trends we see today.

Which Hairstyle is the “Best of the Best”

Please take a moment and browse over all the beautiful hairstyles featured in this gallery and help us choose which one of these talented cosmetologists should win the coveted title of winner of the People’s Choice Hairstyle. While we know you will see many, if not all, of the beautiful hairstyles featured in national publications for many years, we want to know which style you like the best. Whether it’s a short doo, or a long flowing natural style, once you’ve looked over all the looks, go to the bottom of the page and place your vote for which hairstyle is the best of the best.

By the way, if you find yourself down in South Carolina, near the lovely city of Charleston, remember which of these hairstyles touched your heart the most and stop by and let the talented cosmetologist that created the look create your next signature hairstyle.

Voting will end on Sunday, October 14th at 12:00am.

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3 comments on “Help Us Choose the People’s Choice Hairstyle from Our Gallery
  1. Devonya Way says:

    Beautiful Style!!!

  2. Kizzy Morris says:

    If you want a stylist who specializes in Natural hair, well don’t wait no more. Stop by Upscale Hair Salon located at 2816 Bee Rd, Savannah, Ga 31404. See Lacey Singleton (Owner) and tell her Kizzy sent you ????????‍♀️

  3. Ella says:

    I love the bangs with long hair

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