Help Us Choose the Top Hairstyles from Our Ft. Walton Beach Florida and Charlotte North Carolina Photo Shoots

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Curly Black Hairstyle with Hair Color from Erma Stephens
Hair: Erma Stephens
Salon: Heads Above
Phone: (850) 244-3297

Congratulations to Erma Stephens, a professional hairstylist at Head’s Above hair Studio in Crestview, FL and her model Lucy for winning last weeks poll.

7 Hair Salons from the Florida gulf coast and the Charlotte metropolitan area participated in our Universal Salons hair stylist photo shoots recently. We are showcasing these black hairstyles here and would like your help in choosing the top styles from these two photo shoots. All of the professional cosmetologists involved in these photo shoots have been published in national magazines for many many years. Some, like Dre’ Ramseur Blanton, are currently featured in the newest issue of Hype Hair Magazine and Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Care Guide at the same time. Universal Salons is one of the only photography companies with the ability to have hairstyles featured in the number one and number two black hairstyle magazines in the United States. We are honored to be able to use our connections with some of the largest magazine publishers in the country to increase the exposure of these talented salons and individuals.

Whether you are looking for the laid back style of the Florida gulf coast in Ft. Walton Beach, or the professional on the go look of the metropolitan banking center of the southeastern United States,  Charlotte North Carolina, the cosmetologist featured in this article have the talent and artistic vision to create whatever look you desire. These ladies will not only create the most amazing and trendsetting hairstyle that you’ve always wanted, but with their years of experience in the black hairstyle industry they can also guide you to an artistic vision of your hair that you never dreamed possible.

At this time we just want to have a little fun and see which hairstyle, and thus which professional cosmetologist, you, the viewer see as the most trend setting of this grouping. Congratulations in advance everyone and good luck.

Make sure you look over each hairstyle before making your selection. Then place your vote by clicking the button ABOVE the hairstyle you choose.

A Deliciously Creative Hairdo-The Cinnabon Hairstyle with a Little Something Extra

Teressa Murray from Hair Explosion Salon in Panama City FL created this braided ponytail. It has a little bit of everything rolled into one elegant updo.

Retro Waves Hairstyle with Dragon Fire Hair Color by Deanna Burton

Deanna Burton is a professional cosmetologist from Statesville FL. This hairstyle brings back the elegance of the retro waves with the trend setting vibe of the red hair color.

Long Curly Black Hairstyle with Hair Color by Dre’ Ramseur Blanton

Dre’ Ramseur Blanton is the owner of Hair Infiniti Wellness Salon in Charlotte NC. Her long curly hairstyle with red highlights will grace the pages of major magazines for some time.

Bombastic Bob Quick Weave Black Hairstyle by Amber McClain

This fierce bob hairstyle with flips and an elegant splash of hair color was created by Florida cosmetologist Amber McClain. Amber is located at The Cut Barbershop in Ft. Walton Beach.

Natural Edge Crochet Braids Hairstyle by Rasheeda Berry

Rasheeda Berry is the owner of Godly Image Hair Studio in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. This hairstyle incorporates a fauxhawk with braids, extensions, and hair color.

Curly Black Hairstyle with Hair Color from Erma Stephens

Erma Stephens is the owner of Head’s Above Hair Studio just up the road from Ft. Walton Beach, in Crestview, FL. Her curly hairstyle is elegant and sassy altogether. The auburn hair color adds some extra spice.

Motorcycle Hot Short, Curly and Natural Black Hairstyle by Ashley Coutain

Ashley Coutain is a professional cosmetologist whose work has been on a roll lately, appearing in both the February and March/April issues of Sophisticates Black Hair Style and Care Guide as well as the January/February issue of Hype Hair.  This hairstyle shows off the beauty of the haircut as well as the bouncy curls.

Natural Party Puffs Black Hairstyle by Ashley Coutain

This is another look from Ashley Coutain. The chemical free natural look is infused with braids and placed in an updo. You can find Ashley at Godly Image Hair Studio in Ft. Walton Beach, FL

Long Mohawk Black Hairstyle from Pamela Webster

Coming in from Mobile, AL is another one of our most published cosmetologist, Pamela Webster. Pamela is located at Greg’s Professional Barber and Beauty Salon. This flirty Mohawk is great for teens or the more adventurous adult with its crimps and hair color.

Braided Up Bombshell Using Hair Extensions by Amber McClain

This long braided hairstyle is also from Amber McClain of The Cut Barbershop. These sew in hair extensions have been cut into a bob hairstyle with a braid on one side and left long and flowing on the other.

Curly Rod Set Black Hairstyle by Pamela Webster

This curly, colorful rod set is another look from Mobile, AL cosmetologist Pamela Webster.  It works for teens as well as an older crowd.

Girl on Fire Natural Black Hairstyle by Ashley Coutain

This is another high fashion hairstyle from Ft. Walton Beach cosmetologist Ashley Coutain. This look contains braids, extensions, and hair color to create an elegant, over the top Mohawk hairstyle.

Once again, make sure you look over each hairstyle before making your selection. Then place your vote by clicking the button ABOVE the hairstyle you choose.

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