Hype Hair Magazine features Hairstyles from Universal Salons

In June 2014 Hype Hair Magazine featured not one, but two, hair styles from Universal Salons. To be featured once is an honor; to be featured twice in the same month is an amazing feat. The featured hair artists are Stephanie Cameron-Dailey and Paulette Edwards both artists have created fun new haircut styles for women.

Hype Hair June 2014

Bob Hairstyle with Copper Highlights from Fayetteville NC Cosmetologist Stephanie Cameron-Dailey

Ms. Cameron-Dailey’s new bob is ideal for short haircuts for women. It is an asymmetrical bob with a front bang comb-over across the face from left to right which blends into the right side. It is also layered to further enhance the asymmetrical flow that keeps the eye moving across bouncy hair. This idea for short haircuts for women also features contrasting highlights in the bangs and front of the hair.

Medium Hairstyle with Royal Blue Highlights from Beaufort SC Cosmetologist Paulette Edwards

Ms. Edward’s creation is ideal for black hairstyles. It is always a delight when haircut styles for women feature styles for those who were not born with fine, strait hair. This creation for black hairstyles uses natural body and curling ability to create soft ocean reminiscent waves. The bangs are parted to the left and begin the soft wave movement across the head. The hair is layered and full of texture. She also features blue highlights, once again reminding one of the sea, against natural black hair. The style is both soft and sexy at the same time.
Both hairstylists have created beautiful new haircut styles for women and both truly deserve the honor of being in Hype Hair Magazine. It is a wonderful representation of the talents that are found at Universal Salons and the innovations made towards creating new, exciting styles for women that will make the hairstylists and their clients proud.

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