Jackee Northington’s Long Flowing Hairstyle with Layers

Salon: All About You Hair Designs
Stylist: Ms. Jackee
Model: Shanda

Hair is power! Shanda’s hairstyle is an example of long hairstyles for those with flowing locks. You can build up your coiffe with multiple layers. This haircut allows you to display your beautiful shoulder-length hair. Shanda’s black hairstyle is easy-to-manage for any type of woman.

This long flowing hairstyle has a nice simplicity to it with a part in the middle. Your hair will flow down either side of your face in wavy patterns like the ocean. Like a mermaid, this look offers an airy impression that suggests ease, comfort and a care-free nature. Reveal your playful spirit with the Shanda hairstyle.

this look was created by Peoria AZ cosmetologist Ms. Jackee. You can see more of the work here..

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