LaQuan Fields' "Seduction Curls" Long Hairstyle with Hair Color and Curls


April / 2014

LaQuan Fields’ “Seduction Curls” Long Hairstyle with Hair Color and Curls


Model: ERICA B.

To create this beautiful and flowing long hairstyle the stylist shampooes, conditions, and dries the mane first. Next the model’s hair is braided down in a desired pattern while leaving out the model’s hair edges, and small amount of the model’s center crown hair piece are also left out which are then blended into the hair extensions at the end of the style which created a finish look for all curly hairstyles. Then 22 inches long, human hair, Brazilian, and Natural Body wave hair weave is sewed in and cut to desired length. Next the “Ombre” style is achieved and the bang has highlights. If you wish to wear this hairstyle please be sure to contact LaQuan by clicking on her name above to get her contact information..

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