Long “Banged Out Tresses” Hairstyle from Angel Gary

Salon: Head’s Up Salon
Stylist: Angel Gary
Model: Linda

This is one of the long, black hairstyles that is the perfect combination of modern edge and soft femininity. 

When it comes to long hairstyles, a concern can be the hair falling flat. This hairstyle offers the best of both worlds when it comes to bangs and luscious curls. 

First curl your long hair, piece by piece. Don’t roll the curler all the way up to your scalp, but rather just to the base of your head. That way, you’ll have long, loose curls that look effortless. Once you’ve finished curling, use either your curling iron or a straightener to straighten your bangs. 

Utilize a relaxer or defrizzer for the bans, so they stay smooth and straight. Use hairspray to hold your curls.

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