Long and Curly Hairstyle from Jackie Evans

Salon: All About You Hair Designs
Stylist: Jackie Evans
Model: Juanita





















Jackie Evans of Arizona is a black hairstyles expert. She’s trained in London and Frankfurt plus she’s attended and taught workshops throughout the US. Her work has been published in several professional publications and she enjoys sharing tricks of the trade with new stylists. Juanita Turner is modeling one of Jackie’s long hairstyles. This mane of long layers makes the most of a thick head of hair without looking too fussed-over. Curls were created with a medium-width iron and separated by hand. Back-combing throughout the top gives a little added height. At the front, a smooth layer of curls blends into the back-combing for a smooth appearance. Curly hairstyles on long layers can be dressed up or dressed down, this is a versatile style.

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