Long Hairstyle Extensions with Loose Curls from Marcus Doss

Salon: Marcus Doss Salon
Stylist: Marcus Doss
Model: Naudia

Long hairstyles were once very high maintenance black hairstyles. Women simply love the look of black hairstyles with loose curls that frame the face sexily. This is certainly a very trendy look that is easy to create with the right tools, accessories, and hair. Maintaining the look is also much easier today, thanks to all the great hair products for black hairstyles that are on the market today. Check out this gorgeous look. This style was created by Marcus Doss from Marcus Doss Salon in Fayetteville. NC. You can contact the salon at phone number (910) 483-3870.

Getting Long Hairstyles with Loose Curls
Black hairstyles range from a buzz cut to long flowing locks with loose curls. Women with long hair are naturals for this look. However, the girls rocking the shorter hairdo can get the look too. This is a very trendy look that you can wear any time of the year. For this look, it is suggested that you use long loose hair extensions that are at least 20 inches long. Gather together hair accessorizes and tools. For example, a few combs, hair clips, pins, hair spray, and hair extensions. It is also a good idea to get a friend to help with application and styling.

First shampoo and condition hair. Blow dry the hair. If your hair is not chemically straightened, you might opt to flat iron your hair at this point. Next pull all your hair back and clip on top of the head. Use wefted extensions with hair clips. Part a section of hair at the back of the head, close to the neck and apply the first extension. Cover that extension with your own natural hair. Clip in several more weft extensions with loose curly hair to the crown of the head. Leave a lot of your own hair out at the top. Part your own hair in the middle and comb it back and over the loose curly hair extensions. Get creative and use a rat tail comb to carefully arrange your hair and the extensions. Make sure they blend well together. Finish with light hair spray.

Black hairstyles have certainly developed over the years. Now, it is possible to try several looks or change your style at any time. Certainly, this is a very glamorous look that will get lots of admiring glances. Would you like this look? This style was created by Marcus Doss from Marcus Doss Salon in Fayetteville, NC. Phone number (910) 483-3870.

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