Long Hairstyle with an Edgy Bang from Shannon Chaplin


March / 2014

Long Hairstyle with an Edgy Bang from Shannon Chaplin


Salon: Belle Donna’s House of Beauty

Hairstylist: Shannon Chaplin

Model: Queniece M

The style worn by Queniece McLamore has an edgy look better suited for younger women. Queniece’s hair extends to the middle of her back but frames her face with shorter pieces that meet with long bangs that extend down to her eyes. These alternating lengths are not cut into layers, but all ends are razor cut to produce the feathered, choppy ends that make this style look edgy. Queniece wears this style in dark black, with a few almost invisible dark brown highlights that give her style some extra volume. This style is great for women who want a sleek, edgy look that can be pulled back into a pony tail when necessary.


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