Long Lace Front Hairstyle with Layers from Peggy Glover

Black women love the saying, “Long hair, don’t care”. The hair can be layered beautifully with a lace front. You will be overjoyed with the result of this one. It is a delicately cut hair cut that allows for maximum length and bounce of the hair. Your friends will wonder how your hair flows down your back so effortlessly.

Salon: Blessed Hands by Ms. P.
Stylist: Peggy Glover
Model: Peggy
Make Up: Crystal Dickson

Long Hairstyle with Lovely Layers

You can enjoy long hair that has the right amount of layering. It will sprawl down your back in a beautiful pattern. There are also many styles you can achieve when you have long hair. Whether it is a plait or a fish tail braid, there are plenty of designing options.

You will feel that a weight is lifted off of you as soon as you have this layered and thinned out cut. It will suit summer or the winter season. There is nothing like long hair in the winter to pull off the ski bunny look. And in the summer your hair will still feel light and bouncy, even though it is long. You can pull it up for work in the most elegant up do’s. The versatility of this type of hairstyle is endless.

Peggy Glover at Blessed Hands by Ms. P.

So, if you are ready to achieve this style, just call Peggy Glover at Blessed Hands by Ms. P. in Plano, TX. The staff at (214) 524-4859 will be happy to find a time to book you in. They will bend over backwards while you are there to serve you.

If this sounds ideal, then get your spot today. And you will walk out looking like an African queen, only better. You can get the style that you want at a salon where you are treated as you deserve. Your visit is guaranteed to make you feel even better than when you first walked in.

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  1. I need my hair done i just cut my hair short but i love my hair carly that’s my natural hair style not short cut but i had to do it because my hair was damaged smh. So can you help me on that?


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