Long Sew-In Closure with Deep Crimps from Amber McClain

This is one of the sew in hairstyles that really works for a person who loves unique curls. The curls of this style are more like a crimp than a curl. It brings back strong 80’s vibes but with a flair that is very 21st century.

Salon: Endless Creations Hair Studio
Stylist: Amber McClain
Model: Shaniyah
Make Up: Shaquansia Love

Looking Good at the Beach or The Office

You might want this hair if you are looking to get an exotic feel to your look. It kind of looks as though you are on a beach with windblown, perfectly waved hair. You can wear this hair in the office and look like you got up an hour early to curl your hair impeccably. Or you can simply get it for a change of pace. It is relaxed and yet dressy all at the same time.

Long Hair Don’t Care

If you want to feel like you’ve spent a lifetime growing out your locks, then this is for you. You can really enjoy all the volume and length that this sew in hair gives you. There are a lot of up do’s and casual swept away from the face styles that you can do when you want a change of pace. The good thing is that this hair is ultra-versatile.

Introducing Amber McClain from Endless Creations

Now that you’ve decided that this is a must have, you need to go to the right salon. You can book in with Amber McClain at Endless Creations Hair Studio in Pensacola, FL. Just give the salon a call at (850) 696-8481. You will be waited on hand and foot once you are there. Make sure you alert them to the look that you want so they can prepare all the hair.

Don’t settle for hair that isn’t the length and style that you want. Instead, head over to the salon and let these magic fingers make your hair incredible. You will certainly love to catch a glimpse of it in the mirror afterwards.

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