Long Silk Press Hairstyle on Natural Hair from Earlisia Torrence

You are the type of person who loves her natural black hair. However, you know that some days, it can be quite temperamental. And others, it stands straight up in a fro. While you like braids, you prefer the freedom of having natural, long, straight hair.

Salon: Elegant Tresses
Stylist: Earlisia Torrence
Model: Andrea
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Long Silk Press Hairstyle on Natural Hair

If this just described you, then you need a silk press. This natural hairstyle will give you long and sleek hair. It will look just like the model pictured. Andrea is a natural hair client with a silk wrap. If you love the way her hair bounces too and from, you can have that silky sheen too.

With this look, you will just need a blow dryer in the morning when styling and a brush. The style was blown out with a blow dryer on the model. You can see that the results are simply fabulous.

 Having beautiful hair that is natural is definitely an option. You just need the right stylist and the right procedure. Earlisia Torrence would love to help you out with achieving this everyday look.

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 It is important to be able to enjoy yourself in life. And one of the main components of that is not having to wrestle with your hair each morning. Instead, make your best self emerge with a look that is easy to maintain. You can have long hair now that is straight without having to get extensions.

 Be prepared to love your natural hair again. You will certainly enjoy all the free time you have to drink your coffee in the morning as you wash, blow dry, and go.

Introducing Earlisia Torrence from Elegant Tresses Hair Salon in Winston-Salem, NC

Visit Earlisia Torrence, owner of Elegant Tresses, in Winston-Salem North Carolina 4932 Martin View Lane for this revolutionary look. You can call reception at (336)725-6641 to book an appointment. For detailed directions on how to get there, visit http://www.eleganttresses.com/. The salon is in Harper Hill Commons Shopping Center.


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