Men’s Drop Fade Hairstyle with Beard From Jerome P. Jones

Beards have been all the rage for a while now. And pairing it with a fade is a great way to incorporate black culture. This drop fade with beard hairstyle is ultra-chic, and it is great for a man who wants to try to start out the bearded look.

Salon: The Jones Experience Grooming Studio
Stylist: Jerome P. Jones
Model: A J
Make Up: Crystal Dickson

Ultra-Tight, Elegant Fade Haircut

The fade is ultra-tight. It takes advantage of the natural curl patterning at the top of the head. The back is neat, and it also incorporates a nice, short wave.

This drop fade with beard hairstyle is great for guys who want to look on top of fashion. It would also look polished and professional dressed up in a suit. That’s the great versatility of a style like this. And men who love to wash and go will love the minimal maintenance of a fade.

Men’s Fashion Forward Beard Design

The beard trimming is easy and can be done by a professional. Once it is grown to a certain length, you will have the rugged look that you want- rugged and yet sexy that is.

If you must have this look, book Jerome Jones, the experienced stylist who fashioned this ‘do. The salon is The Jones Experience Grooming Studio in Dallas, TX. To book an appointment, just call (972) 765-4665 or (972) 209-3900 today.

Take Part in the Jerome Experience

It’s always nice to have a look that appears that it was made for you. This custom look will suit most face shapes and lifestyles. You can be confident that you will look well-groomed and attractive upon leaving the salon.

So pick up the phone today and get ready for a life changing experience. You can look like a whole new man stepping out of the salon. And you know that you’re in the best hands with Jerome Jones at the helm.  

It’s not too often that you get a chance to get the exact look you see in the picture.

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