Mid-Length Bob Hairstyle from Amber McClain


One of the top reasons women prefer this mid-length bob hairstyle is because it lasts longer than the typical hairstyle of this length. The durability of the mid-length bob hairstyle by Amber is because of its ability to sustain external risks like water and dust.

Matches many faces

The most amazing feature is that no matter your color, shape, and attitude of your face, there is no doubt that this hairstyle will fit your look. Coming up with a hairstyle this good requires not only an eye for detail but, also ideal levels of competency.

Salon: Endless Creations Hair Studio
Stylist: Amber McClain
Model: Shametria
Make Up: Shaquansia Love


The beautiful part about this hairstyle is that it does not limit you to a strict professional casual life. You can wear this style to work and jump into cocktail parties just before you get home without feeling uncomfortable.

Beauty and glamour

Every woman out there loves the idea of always looking good without having to go through so much to impress. The good news is that this mid-length bob hairdo will work perfectly to meet all your expectations of beauty and glamour.

Endless Creations Hair Studio, Pensacola: Florida

High-class professionalism

At Endless Creations Hair Studio, you get the rare opportunity to experience state of the art beauty and hairdressing services and products all under one roof. The competence levels of the professionals at this salon are beyond any reproof. One way to ascertain this is by visiting this place.

Great customer relations skills

The true measure of an ethical business is one that is thoughtful enough to consider and empathize with all the needs and special requirements of each potential partner out there. The objective here is to make the customers feel like they are part of the business and by far part of another influential community in society.


Satisfied clients have come out publicly to state the fact that the salon offers a nice atmosphere of friendliness to all types of customers without favoring or discriminating any of them. Creating a safe working environment is a plus for this business because judging from the volumes of quality service provision made possible by the firm.


There is no better way to convince you how the mid-length bob hairstyle is perfect for you, your girlfriends and even annoying sisters other than prevailing upon you to try it out. Trust their experience.

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