Mid Length Bob Sew In Hairstyle from Ursula Kershaw

All bobs are not created equal. This mid length bob sew in hairstyle created by Ursula Kershaw is one of the best. A chic yet edgy style such as this, is not easy to pull off, yet, Ursula made it look easy. The secret here is that Ursula has sewn in hair, also. Although this is not the model’s hair, you would never be able to tell it is not her natural hair if you were not told. A bob like this is what you can consider easy to low- maintenance and obviously a hot and trendy look!

Salon: The Studio
Stylist: Ursula Kershaw
Model: Niki
Make Up: Tierra Nichole

Mid Length Bob Sew In Hairstyle

Ursula used her best skills to effortlessly execute a sexy look that women of color can rock and love. All women, regardless of color, loves easy maintenance, especially women on the go. So having the ability to cut down on your hair time every day is a hot commodity. Not only does this sassy sew in save time, it also can protect your own hair. This is the prime look to go from gym to date with not much work in between.

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With an alluring side bang, this bob adds a boost mystery, and sex appeal to the lady that rocks it. The back of this mid length bob sew in hairstyle is layered into soft and gentle movement. Ursula did not stop with a dope cut, she enhanced the cut with color as many great cosmetologists can do. Pops of browns in the bang and in the nape of the cut is the highlights of the style.

Introducing Ursula Kershaw

Ursula Kershaw is one of the staff of The Studio, located in North Charleston South Carolina. The entire staff is dedicated to giving each patron top notch service with each and every visit, therefore you’re sure to get good service. Customer service is the biggest focus for Ursula. Not only will she take care of your hair care needs, but a sew in like this will make sure that your hair is protected and that styling your hair will be one less thing that you will have to worry about. Book your appointment now for Ursula Kershaw at The Studio through universalsalons.com.

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