Mid Length Ombre Hairstyle from Terrill Allison

Salon: Marcus Doss Salon
Stylist: Terrill Allison
Model: Sherrill
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Most women look for the latest hairstyle that will make them look lively, attractive and unique. This Mid Length Ombre Hairstyle is the type of style that lets you achieve all that. There are various colors one can choose for an ombre style, what should determine the color you choose is your skin undertone and your natural hair hue.

A golden and pale blond highlights works well for most skin undertones and for any black hairstyle since they create an illusion of reverse ombre with darker roots. If you are a natural brunette, this is best way to appear “blondier”. If you are a women with a cooler skin undertone, paired with medium brown hair color, you may have an icy brown and cool chestnuts.
What ladies love most about the Mid Length Ombre Hairstyle is that it gives them the elegant look. The color streaks on both sides that start very high and end as you move to the roots enhance the incredible sun-kissed effect.

How to create a Mid Length Ombre Hairstyle:

Once you have selected the color of your choice, you need to decide where you want the fade to stop. Before you add anything to the hair, brush it and make sure there are no tangles left in the hair. Follow the instructions written on the bleach manual and mix the bleach.
Divide your hair into sections then start bleaching from the end and work your way up. You should let the bleach set depending on how light you want your hair to look then wash it out. Dry your hair and style it as usual.
You may not get the best results if you decide to do it yourself. At this point you may need the services of the creator of Mid Length Ombre Hairstyle, Terrill Allison from Marcus Doss Salon in Fayetteville, NC. For more information call (910) 476-4064.

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