Modern Messy Mohawk Hairstyle from Katrice Thompkins


Salon: Katrice Thompkins Productions
Stylist: Katrice Thompkins
Model: Lakia
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

No longer is the Mohawk a style only suited for rebelling boys and young men. Katrice Thompkins of Katrice Thompkins Productions in Charlotte, North Carolina, has made it into a style that is suitable for women with all different personalities and styles as well.
Business women can wear Katrice’s version of the Mohawk hairstyle to the office with an expensive suit and heels and fit right in with the professional environment. A college woman can wear the style to a campus party and be the most fashionable girl in the house.It’s also perfect for the stay-at-home mom type, as it’s short and requires little time to style.
For this style, called the Modern Messy Mohawk, the sides are clipper-cut short, but they are not shaved. From afar-off frontal view, this gives the same appearance as if the woman’s hair is just pulled back but not actually cut short. The full bangs give it a ‘cute’ look, while still being long enough that the wearer can choose to direct them to one side when styling. The back of the style is conveniently short, no longer will your hair get stuck in the back of your shirts and jackets if you choose to rock this Mohawk. The outer sides of the back are clipper-cut to the same length as the sides, but towards the middle it gets slightly longer to give it the classic Mohawk look. Katrice has left an elongated section at the neckline of this middle section to give it a softer and more feminine touch. Towards the crown, she starts to angle her cutting technique to make the hair longer on top than it is in the back.
To style a cut like this Modern Messy Mohawk, first put a firm holding gel in the hair when it is damp. Then dry the hair with a blow dryer. Be sure you use the gel and do not dry the hair with nothing in it, you need the product to prevent your hair from drying out and also for the hold it will give your hair when it is dry.Try to dry the hair at the generalangle in which you are going to want it to be when you are finished styling it. Next use a texture paste, or pomade, to give the style definition. This cut was done with a lot of texture, but if you do not style it correctly it will just look like a fluffy mass on top of your head. Rub the texturizer around in your palms and fingers and distribute it evenly throughout your hair, directing it in the direction you want it to go. Your hair should now be shiny with plenty of definition and texture showing. You will need to finish off the style with a firm-hold hairspray. Spray all over with the firm-hold hairspray, then use the blow dryer to cement the hairspray. This should only take about 10 to 15 seconds of heat. Last, use your fingers to push any stray pieces into place before the cemented hair cannot be moved.
When your new Mohawk gets hard to style, it’s probably time for a haircut. Styles like these usually need a trim every 3 to 6 weeks, depending on your hair type and how fast it grows. Call Katrice at (704) 274-9308 to schedule your appointment today.

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