Short Mohawk Hairstyle from Yvette Harris-Peppers

Salon: H P Styling Studio
Stylist: Yvette Harris-Peppers
Model: Aziah S

Azjah S. has it going on with this very classy up-do mohawk. The lacy details take this out of the realm of ordinary up-do styles – the kind you might get from ordinary hair salons. But there’s nothing ordinary about the way this hairstyle combines retro chic coiffure with the best of today’s exciting looks. The fresh slant of the asymmetrical styling is combined with the timeless look of serpentine lace down one side of the hairdo. Azjah’s look is 50% cutting-edge hairstyle, and 50% classic Glamour Girl of the ’40s and ’50s. This combination is sexy, exciting, and yet comfortably familiar.



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