Mz. Z’s Complex Simplicity Black Hairstyle Using Extensions

Salon: Studio 102 Hair Salon LLC
Stylist: Mz. Z
Model: Alyssa
Make Up: Deirdre Clay


If your ever in the Fayetteville/Ft.Bragg area and looking for a stylist to grant all your haircare wishes and all your black hairstyles celebrity look ..then you need to look for me, Mz.Z! I work 9to5 Monday thru Saturday. I’m located at Studio 102 in Fayetteville NC . 

My model Alyssa is flaunting the style I like to call “Complex Simplicity” a black hairstyle. This look is natural looking and simple, while still giving you sexy with soft subtle curls.To achieve this look I first had to wash Ms.Debonair’s hair with a moisturizing shampoo most importantly applied a deep conditioner in which she had to sit under a hair dryer for 15 to 20 minutes to keep the integrity and strength of the hair. Then I washed the leave in conditioner out and set her back under the dryer with a scalp oil to get the moisture out I set her in my seat and hand blow dried her hair completely out I had to part some of her hair out to get in idea of where I wanted to go to achieve a long silky natural look for your everyday business or celebrity style after parting the hair out I braided her hair in a beehive to give me more of a full coverage after completely doing the braiding I oiled hair scalp again to make sure I don’t have any breakage in her hair I then sewned in a net cap over top of the braids I did that so I wont have to be forced to place the tracks anywhere and won’t be committed to just sewing on top of the braids itself I measured each track to fit the braiding patterning and the celebrity look I was looking for I wanted to make sure the tracks was flat on her head so It won’t be bulky to give it that natural look I then straighten the hair out in cut long layers in here hair I sprayed a light holding spray and a light gloss with my ultimate favorite ceramic irons I curled her hair in a circular in a downward motion for that natural long silky look that you see now in the pictures that you see here.

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