Natasha Johnson's "Curly Chic" Short Hairstyle


July / 2014

Natasha Johnson’s “Curly Chic” Short Hairstyle


Salon: 10 Gems Salon
Stylist: Natasha Johnson
Model: Lameka

This tight favorite of black hairstyles fits almost any category of woman with naturally slow-growing hair. It is classy, interesting, multi-layered, sassy, and always begs for the wildest and most personal accessories. This curly hairstyles re-do is a great way add volume and allure through rerouting natural curls, and weaving them into a smile-enhancing posh creation. This universally appealing type of black hairstyles is body frame equalizing. It makes thinner women seem taller and sleeker, but it also makes curvier women look more athletic, buoyant and engaging. This is one of the few short hairstyles that compliment all black women of confidence.

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