Natasha Johnson's "Texture & Tones" Short Hairstyle with Hair Color and Curls


April / 2014

Natasha Johnson’s “Texture & Tones” Short Hairstyle with Hair Color and Curls


Salon: 10 GEMS SALON

This is an excellent woman’s short length hair style. The loose curls of this type of black hairstyles helps to show off the depth of your hair color. This helps to make your hair look much fuller. This black hair styles is very easy to maintain, and does not require expensive upkeep. Short hairstyles look great as they slowly grow out. This means that you can go a long time between haircuts and you will look very nice if you decide that you want to grow your hair out. This hair style has a flirty half bang that looks great in a social environment or at the office.

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I am so interested in this wig hair style. How can I get it?

Baliqees adejoke

May 5, 2017 at 11:13 pm

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