Natural Afrocentric Black Hairstyle from Tanisha Holland

Sometimes natural is just better when it comes to hair. In fact, a lot of women would want to argue that it is always preferable. Natural hairstyles especially afrocentric hairstyles take little maintenance if the cut is correct. It is always about getting the right cut to accentuate a certain look.

This Natural Afrocentric Black Hairstyle from Tanisha Holland is a perfect ten. It has just the right length to give the look style and femininity. The style is a show stopper. However, it is also workplace savvy and great for hitting the mall on a shopping trip.

Salon: Confession Weave & Natural Hair Boutique
Stylist: Tanisha Holland
Model: Terasia
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

It can be difficult for black women to want to go with the natural grain of their hair. They know if the haircut is not precise that it will stick straight up. This particular haircut spreads out for enviable volume. The tresses look wild and free but still polished.

There is color added to this doo to make it look for definition. It has a purple sheen to it. This gives the hairstyle a trendsetting flair that will be hard for others to mimic. Many people desire perms that look just like this, but a spiral perm will not give the type of volume that these natural hairstyles have.

Of course, the best way to achieve this awesome look is to head on over to the talented artists at Confession Weave & Natural Hair Boutique in Durham, NC. They have stylists who are ready to enact this exact cut and color as your next signature hairstyle. Coming to Confession Weave & Natural Hair Boutique is so convenient because the stylists at this salon train hard so they know exactly what to do when it comes time to give the client what they want.

So, if you want to look fierce and fresh, getting the compliments to go with it, then you should go with this cut. You will start to fall in love with your natural hair all over again.

Feel free to give the talented staff at Confession Weave & Natural Hair Boutique a call at (919) 477-6718 and let them create your next signature hairstyle.

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