Natural Afrocentric Hairstyle from Tonisha Kenty

Salon: Lady T’s Lovely Loc’s
Stylist: Tonisha Kenty
Model: Danyhia
Make Up: Lori Miles

Are you interested in taking your natural hairstyles to the next level? Well, why not try out one of the most popular and classic black hairstyles–the afro. In this image, Tonisha Kenty from Lady T’s Lovely Locs in Crestview, FL demonstrates how to create a perfect natural hair blowout! By using your blow dryer and comb attachment, you can stretch your coils out and show off all of your length. You can wear it as is, or even style it by using a colorful accessory.

What You’ll Need
Heat protectant
Wide-tooth comb
Blow dryer that has comb attachment
Butterfly clipsLarge Bow (Or preferred accessory)
Styling Gel

Step 1: Shampoo and Condition
One of the most important steps in the blowout process is the preparation of your hair. Ideally, your blowout should be done on hair that is freshly washed, conditioned,

Step 2: Detangle
There is nothing more frustrating or potentially damaging than trying to dry your hair while working through knots and tangles. So take the time to comb through your hair with your wide-tooth comb in order to ensure that the blow drying process will take less time. Not only will this save you the frustration, but it will also cut down on the amount of heat your hair is exposed to. A good rule of thumb is, the less time your hair is exposed to heat, the better.

Step 3: Apply Heat Protectant
Whenever your hair is exposed to a lot of heat it will tend to weaken and sometimes the proteins will be damaged. Also, the natural oils in your hair can change and all of the internal moisture in your strands can dry up. So the best way to prevent heat damage is to apply a good protectant. Apply it from root to tips; pay extra attention to your ends because this is the most fragile part of your hair. The heat protectant will create a film around your hair and make it more resistant to damage.

Step 4: Divide Your Hair Into Sections
In order to make this process quicker and ensure that every section of your head receives the same amount of stretching, then its best to break it down into four manageable chunks. If your hair is longer and thicker, then you may want to divide it into more sections. Pin each section up with your butterfly clip.

Step 5: Dry Each Section
Using medium heat, pass the blow dryer (with the comb attached) through your hair just as you would with a wide-tooth comb. Make sure you do this gently and from the root to the tip. Continue until each section is completely dry and evenly stretched.

Step 6: Smooth A Section Of Your Hair And Your Accessory
Depending on which side of your hair you would like to place your accessory, take a little of your styling gel and smooth it over the area you would like to pin up. After the area is smoothed, then hold it back and pin your bow or accessory to it.

It’s important to realize that when it comes to the blowouts, everyone’s technique is a little different. And that’s because the length of the hair, the texture and the amount of shrinkage experienced can change from person to person. But the above tutorial should work for most hair types. If you’re interested in having the style done by black hair salons that are equipped with experts in natural hair, then visit Lady T’s Lovely Locs. If you don’t have time to stop by, then call(850) 543-8932 andschedule your appointment today!

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